No. 42 Light Roast Ground Coffee

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Light roast coffee beans from Costa Rica.

Many prefer Light Roast blends over all others. The main difference between lighter and darker beans is taste, where the flavor is what changes, not the strength of the coffee. If you want weaker coffee use less coffee grinds in your coffee maker, or vice versa for strong coffee where you use more coffee grinds for a stronger bold coffee. Light Roast has more caffeine, dark roast has the least amount of caffeine. This light roast coffee is just beyond a cinnamon roast, a Chicago style roasting tradition that many have come to love. This ground coffee is made from perfectly roasted coffee beans imported from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica. All shipments feature beans that are ground the same day, and all beans are roasted within 72 hours of grinding. Package: 10 oz. Buy today, because Store 214 always has coffee for less!