No. 42 Dark Whole Bean Coffee

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Dark roasted coffee offers the most wonderful morning fragrance.

This coffee is absolutely sensational and a must try. I know what you're thinking ... "I don't like dark roasts". Well buck up little fella, this brew won't offend you. These beans are different, and bring you a flavor you've never experienced. You'll be waving your hand over your cup of coffee, wafting this glorious scent up to your nose, and you'll think ... "That product description wasn't lying". These dark roasted coffee beans are harvested from a single location which means, no blends! These coffee beans are just pure Tarrazu coffee from Costa Rica. As always, roasted to perfection just for you. If you're looking to buy coffee online, look no further. Store 214 always has you covered and always sells coffee for less. Package: 1/2 LB.