Dota Medium Roast Coffee

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This ground coffee is made from one of the rarest beans in the world.

This bean offers intense flavors. Supply is so low for this small area of the world, but demand is very high, often outselling Jamaican Blue coffees and Hawaii Kona blends. This true Dota ground coffee brand offers a mixed aroma of floral and dark chocolate with berries and cherries hinting on the side. Wave your hand and take it in, because it's wonderful.  The gourmet flavor combination is in a class all its own with cinnamon raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and sweet black tea plus mild blackcurrant. Offers a gentle acidity of green apple and burgundy wine with soft hints of orange and lime. The finish is long and fruity, an elegant coffee all its own. We always have coffee for less. Try a bag of this rare coffee today! Package: 10 oz.