Dota Green Coffee Beans      

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These green Dota coffee beans have an incredible and powerful aroma.

Store 214 always has the best green coffee beans for sale! These Costa Rican coffee bean delivers some of the best coffee that will ever grace your taste buds. During roasting, and when brewing, you'll enjoy the aromatic scent of mild cherry, berry, floral and dark chocolate. These green coffee beans offer a wonderful combination of flavors which include apricot, cinnamon raisin and cardamom, plus sweet black tea and blackcurrant. The finish to this coffee bean is also very elegant and filled with hints of citrus. Green coffee beans are packaged in paper coffee bags to allow airflow.  Unlike roasted coffees, raw green coffee beans require exposure to air.  Store in a cool dark place, at least 6 inches above the floor and away from any direct sunlight to maintain freshness.  If possible, store at seventy degrees and at fifty per cent humidity.