Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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This Colombian Coffee is one of our best sellers.

Many people enjoy a great coffee that keeps its flavor as it cools, and this coffee does just that. This medium roast Colombian coffee is full, superb, sleek, and offers a generous flavor of vanilla and chocolate. Mix that with the sweet aroma of coffee in the morning, and you're in heaven. This is pure Arabica coffee, which has a subtle citrus acidity, (like the acid of a lemon). This coffee brand is a lively coffee, and our most popular seller. We always offer all of our coffees for less. Many feel that our Colombian coffee rivals Starbucks. Order your bag today, and see for yourself. Package: 10 oz.

Colombian Coffee Facts

  • Colombian ranks 3rd in the world for coffee production (behind Brazil and Vietnam)
  • Colombia produce 11.5 million bags of coffee each year
  • There is a coffee theme park located in the Quindio region
  • Colombia’s coffee growing region is located between Cali, Medellín and Bogotá
  • Colombia exclusively grows arabic beans

Coffee Strengths and Characteristics

  • Mellow and slightly acidic
  • Hints of caramel
  • Nutty undertones
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