Colombian Green Coffee Beans

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Green Colombian Coffee beans that offer a sweet and unique aroma.

With hints of vanilla, chocolate and fruit, there's an acidity that's bright and alive with citric lemon and transparency. These green coffee beans have a nice buttery aftertaste which (like many of our coffee brands) maintains its original flavor while transitioning from hot to cold. These coffee beans come from the Santa Barbara area of southwestern Colombia. Green coffee beans are packaged in paper coffee bags to allow airflow. Unlike roasted coffees, raw green coffee beans require exposure to air. Store in a cool dark place, at least 6 inches above the floor and away from any direct sunlight to maintain freshness. If possible, store at 70 to 73 degrees with humidity between 50 and 63 percent. At Store 214 we always have the best green coffee beans for sale. Package: 40 oz. (2.5 LBS.)