Brazilian Green Coffee Beans

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This rich blend is made of 80% yellow bourbon coffee beans.

There are many Brazilian coffee brands to consider when purchasing green coffee beans. Once you try these beans, you'll leave your other green, coffee beans behind.These beans are imported from a small, sprawling coffee farm in Brazil. These beans have a rich odor, and are harvested at an incredible 3,000 feet above sea level.  They are processed using the most popular harvesting method in Brazil known as "Natural", where the coffee cherries are picked, then dried under gloriously warm, direct sunlight.  The skin of the cherries remains as the beans ferment.  It takes over a week for this process to be completed once the harvest is ready. Green coffee beans are packaged in paper coffee bags to allow airflow.  Unlike roasted coffees, raw green coffee beans require exposure to air.  Store in a cool dark place, at least 6 inches above the floor and away from any direct sunlight to maintain freshness.  If possible, store at 70 to 73 degrees with humidity between 50%-63%. Package: We sell only the best coffee beans. Try these green beans today! 40 oz. (2.5 LBS.)