The No. 42 Blend | March 2017

According to Old Chicago Coffee Company, "It's not even a blend, it's a single origin coffee. The term No. 42 actually came from trial and error roasting, where the 42 was our 42nd trial roast for Old Chicago Coffee's original. Many of the beans were in fact blended while others were single origin. The word 'blend' just kind of stuck. The difference between the final 2 blends (which we should really call roasts) were the farms the beans originated from. The 42nd roast was the winner by far, the coffee was unreal. Rich, bold and full of flavor, just what we were looking for. We stopped there, we had our farm that would supply all of our No. 42 brand coffee beans."

The No. 42 Blend is Store 214's best selling offering. These beans are grown at "La Candelilla Estate which is located at high elevation with shade grown coffee fields, that flourish on the edge of a mountain. The workers hand pick every coffee cherry, and hand wash them too. Matter of fact, they do it all by hand right down to the drying of the beans in natural sunlight with beans spread over wooden planks. The same way it was done hundreds of years ago, an old world method".

There are 150 acres reserved for the No. 42 Blend. Even though there is copious land for growing these beans, we are always selling out. Order yours today!